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Thank you Dr. Morelli for squeezing me in today. My tooth hurt so bad I thought forsure it was cracked. Thank you for reassuring me it wasn’t and I did what you said and it is feeling so much better. In 68 years I have been to a few dentist and “I can say you are the BEST”
Thank you, Dyrk

| Jamie Vanzanten

Dr. Morelli has a spirit of excellence in the work he provides. I couldn’t have been more pleased with my appointment. The atmosphere of the office makes you feel very comfortable. And besides all of that he is a very nice man. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

| Margie Deardorff

Dr. Morelli is a good man and a great dentist. Very caring about his patients and staff, it shows in his work. He is thorough and enjoys explaining things as he goes a long (if you want to know). He has an eye for detail which makes his work top notch. His dental hygienist, Gretchen, does the best teeth cleaning ever! She’s fun to be around but also professional. She puts you at ease to make for a pleasant cleaning experience. Don’t hesitate to check this office out!

| Travis R

I was referred to Dr Morelli by a co-worker and she did not steer me wrong. I have had a couple general checkups, a few cleanings, some fillings, and a crown. He and his staff have been great for all of it. They are all very kind and willing to answer any questions I have had. Dr Morelli has always very clearly explained my options, what is something that really needs to be dealt with quickly (and why), and what can stay on the wait and see list.

| M. Maur

Completely understanding and willing to work with you every step of the way. I’m a big baby when it comes to anything having to deal with my teeth but I love how this dentistry works. It was great when Dr. Hall was around, and now it’s awesome with Dr. Morelli around. Not to mention the amazing staff on hand; a very loving atmosphere.

| Jewell White

Yet another satisfactory visit. I was seen on time and the staff was courteous, friendly, and professional. I heartily recommend Dr Morelli to anyone seeking a well-qualified dentist.

Rich C. | Aloha, OR

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James Morelli DDS provides quality dental care with a wide variety of focuses, including crown and bridge, fixed and removable prosthodontics/ dentures, dental anxiety, family dentistry, general dentistry, root canal therapy, oral surgery, dental aesthetics, sports dentistry, conscious sedation, and general restorative dentistry- including implants.


Beaverton Dentist | Dentist Beaverton OR | Morelli Dentistry