The words root canal are strong enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. Although it is a regular dental procedure, the myths associated with it has freaked out the patients. Many people have started delaying their root canal treatments assuming these myths to be true. So what are these myths we are talking about? Is there any reality behind these misconceptions?

You may have heard a number of these already. Let us find out as we debunk the 10 popular myths about the root canal.

RCT is Painful – RCT is not a painful procedure. The dentist will administer local anesthetic to numb the entire area. It means you will not feel any pain or sensation in your tooth. Moreover, he will prescribe you painkillers and antibiotics to control any further inconvenience.

RCT is Expensive – RCT is not a prohibitively expensive dental treatment. Although the costs will vary according to the location of your tooth and the cost of the crown. Secondly, the total cost will also depend upon your insurance coverage.

RCT is Risky – There is no truth in this myth. On the contrary, RCT is the best dental

treatment to save your natural tooth. Moreover, delaying your RCT can make you prone to several other health risks.

RCT is not Necessary – Many people believe that there is no need for RCT if it does not hurt. However, the absence of pain has nothing to do with the need for RCT. It has to be done with or without pain, and depends on your need for the procedure

Tooth roots are removed in RCT – Do you really buy this? RCT is a dental procedure in which the infected pulp of the tooth is cleaned and sealed with a crown. It aims to restore the tooth roots and not remove it.

RCT is a Time-Consuming Procedure – There is no truth in this misconception. Ideally, RCT can be done in a single day only. However, the need for a second visit depends upon the extent of the condition and the recovery of the patient .

Pregnant ladies cannot go for RCT – Pregnant ladies should indeed avoid undergoing x-rays, but RCT requires an x-ray of mouth. These rays do not reach the abdomen, making it completely safe for pregnant ladies. Moreover, lead shielding is often used during an x-ray when pregnant ladies come for treatment.

Crowns cause Root Canal Issue – It is a false misconception that crowns cause root canal issues. It can happen even regardless of any tooth covering.

Tooth Extraction is Better than RCT – Tooth extraction is the last option for a damaged tooth. Experts suggest that keeping a natural tooth is crucial for proper chewing and eating functions. RCT saves the tooth roots and safeguards the adjacent healthy teeth as well.

RCT causes Illnesses – Medical evidence shows that RCT has saved patients from severe brain and heart infections. So there is no truth in this statement.

There were the 10 popular myths about root canal debunked for you. You see, RCT of teeth

is a safe procedure that will not only save your tooth but will also prevent other health issues. Clove dental has a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists. Connect with them today by booking your appointment and get answers for all your RCT related concerns.