Meet the Doctor

People often ask me why I chose to become a dentist. Ultimately, I chose dentistry because it allows me to provide a service to the community that maximizes my personal talents and skills. I love working with my hands and I like people. Add to that the intrinsic desire to fix problems and help people improve their health in many ways. I believe firmly that integrity and trust are the most important personal values that everyone should maintain – especially a Dentist!

I was born in Chicago and when I was 5 years of age my family moved to Molalla, Oregon. The rural life suited me well with the many outdoor activities available to a curious young boy. As I aged, my hard work ethic formed quickly with many hours bucking hay and toiling on small farms. Over time I learned about integrity and honor from some of the nicest and hardest working people in the world – the farming community.

My greatest achievement to date is that I have been married for almost 20 years and have two lovely girls and a sweet little dog. Until we had children, I really loved going out with my wife on our boat or heading to the coast for a weekend. Our kids dominate our time now, but we still love to get out on the bikes, go to the coast, or just be together as a family unit – I am extremely blessed!

I graduated from Portland State University earning a Bachelors of Science Degree. After gaining acceptance letters from five different dental schools, I chose the University of Southern California for my dental education. My current education involves multiple study clubs, dental associations, and over 100 hours a year in continuing education to stay abreast of the latest techniques, materials, and health updates. I am proud to say all of the work has paid off with inclusion by both Portland Monthly Magazine for Top Dentists in the Portland area and also one of “America’s Top Dentists” by the Consumer Research Council of America.

I really pride myself on the pursuit of perfection in dentistry with a wide variety of focuses, including crown and bridge, fixed and removable prosthodontics/ dentures, root canal therapy, oral surgery, dental aesthetics, sports dentistry, conscious sedation, orthodontics/ Invisalign, and general restorative dentistry- including implants.

I love humor and I love it when patients have a great sense of humor and share their life with me. I have had serious moments, jovial moments, and shed tears over loss with and for patients. When patients have to spend hours with me repairing their worn or decayed teeth they soon become friends. It is hard not to.

We have a greater value in this world other than our chosen career and that is to improve the common good. I am not just a dentist, I am a trusted human caretaker! – Dr. M